1. Submission of Articles:

Cinema Comparat/ive Cinema accepts unpublished articles on comparative cinema. Articles that are not original will not be accepted. The maximum number of authors per article will be three. 

The main research strands of the journal are:

· The interpretation of filmic forms and the relationships between films, images and sounds.

· The history of interpretation and cinematographic ideas, and the analysis of critical and political contexts.

· Comparative essays on processes and practices of creation, distribution and exhibition.

· The study of the methodologies of comparatice cinema and its relationship to literature and visual arts.

· The revision of the history of cinema based on the investigation of forms and the aesthetic confluences between films and narrative videos, non-fiction, avant-garde, scientific, industrial and expanded cinema. 

· The essay and visual thought.


The research articles will have a minimum length of 2,000 words and a maximum of 6,000 words, including footnotes. They will be related to thematic questions that will be published in the section Call for Papers of the website. 

The section 'Films in Discussion' includes interviews and conversations, aimed at research, debate and documentation, and in relation to the monographic topics tackled in each issue. The minimum length is 3,000 words and the maximum is 10,000 words. 

We are accepting submissions on a permanent basis. 

The journal will also include certain documents that act as the conceptual basis for the themes and research strands proposed in each issue. 


The length of the reviews will be 800–1,000 words.

The information of the reviewed book shall include: full name of the author, publisher, city of publication, year of publication and number of pages. 

The author of the review must indicate his or her name and email address.

We accept reviews of books whose first edition has been published over the last 8 years. 


2. Assessment of submissions

Among the submitted manuscripts, Comparative Cinema will only publish those that pass an initial editorial assessment and a positive evaluation by external reviewers.


Once the article is submitted, the journal will confirm its receipt. During the assessment process, the identity of both author/s and reviewer/s will remain anonymous. If there is a discrepancy between the reviewers' evaluations, the publisher will ask for an additional review.


The journal will give a response to the authors within two months, and this will include a report from the reviewers. 

In the instance that the article is accepted for publication but changes and corrections are needed, the authors will have 20 days to re-submit the article.


3. Guidelines for Submissions

Submission: The texts shall be submitted in a Word file and via email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Images must be submitted separatedly, in a TIF format, numbered and their placement shall be indicated in the article. We recommend using the sotware Power DVD (version 9, for PC) or GrabMac (for MAC). The images shall not be included in the text. The author shall also submit a signed declaration (download HERE).

CV: All articles must be accompanied by a brief CV of 150 words or less. In the instance of articles written by more than one author, their Cvs will be published separatedly. 

Abstract: Abstracts will be 300 words or less and only one paragraph. Abstracts must be submitted in Catalan or Spanish and English.

Keywords: Keywords will include 6–10 words, separated by comas. They must be submitted in Catalan or Spanish and English.

Funding: Authors are resposnible for indicating funding and institutional support received for the research.

Typeset and font size: Articles must be submitted using Times New Roman, 12 points. Paragraphs must be justified; indents won't be used. Titles and subtitles must be indicated in bold. 

Word processor tools: Please refrain from using tools such as tables, numbering, columns, headings, hyperlinks, footnotes, etc. Any numbering must be made manually.

Bibliography: The sources of both texts and ideas by other authors must be clearly identified. Sources must be indicated in the body of the text using the HARVARD style (LAST NAME, Year: Page number). Please list all the bibliography used at the end of the text. 


4. Style Guidelines 

Download HERE.


5. Copyright and Republication

By submitting a manuscript to Comparative Cinema, authors accept the conditions of publication. All authors retain the rights to their work, but grant the right of first publication to Comparative Cinema. Contributors may reuse their texts in other publications, but only after the final version has been published in the journal and citation details remain in order. When republishing their manuscripts, authors must acknowledge Comparative Cinema as the place of original publication, and proper citation info must be provided.



Deadline for submissions: December 15th, 2019.

More information HERE.